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About Us


What to expect:

We do charge for initial consultations, but if hired within twenty four hours (24 hours) of our consultation, we waive the fee of the consultation or deduct it from the flat fees of what we  will be hired to do.

Our fees are set by documents completed and never by your assets or what is in your estate.

Upon calling the firm and speaking with Attorney Gina, you will get an initial email with a survey form and instructions for our initial office consultation or initial consultation by phone/zoom, if you are interested. At our initial consultation you will get an outlined retainer agreement of our fees to move forward, this gives clients time to decide if they would like to move forward to hire us and additionally take advantage of the 24 hour waived consultation fee cost. If you cannot make a decision to hire us within 24 hours and eventually do hire us after the 24 hour period, you will be responsible for the consultation fee and the flat fee quoted for any documents/legal work needed.

Once a retainer agreement is signed, by both parties, we then  proceed to work on your file and have established a Attorney/Client relationship.

We draft documents immediately, so upon hiring our firm and having a mutually signed retainer agreement, we will schedule a time to meet!


Please note, we do have set prices for certain items like Will Packages and Trust Packages and/or can give you an idea of fees when you call if you are not sure what you need. BUT sometimes the initial consult will need to be completed, so we can quote you an exact price, as additional items may come up during the consultation.

This initial consult of course, will be with Attorney Gina :) We cannot wait to hear from you!

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